Faith  Self

Faith Self

Administrative Assistant

Hello, my name is Faith Self, currently serving as an Administrative Assistant at Bridgespan! I am an enthusiastic individual with a solid foundation in Cellular Sales and experience as a Customer Service Specialist, I bring a versatile skill set to my administrative role. My professional journey is fueled by a strong desire to evolve and excel within the company. Committed to achieving new skill sets, I constantly seek opportunities to enhance my knowledge and contribute meaningfully to the team. I embrace a growth mindset and view every project and task as an opportunity to learn and improve. Open to new challenges, I am excited about the prospect of expanding my skill set to meet the evolving needs of our dynamic industry. Recognizing the power of collaboration, I thrive in team environments where diverse perspectives contribute to innovative solutions.  Beyond the office, I find joy in expressing my creativity through drawing. I navigate the intersection of art and life, drawing inspiration from both the tangible and the abstract. Alongside my love for the visual arts, I harbor a profound appreciation for cinema.