Wendy  Smits

Wendy Smits

Accounting Specialist

Hello,  my name is Wendy Smits, and  my goal is to take all the complexity out of your accounting and let you know where you stand financially. It’s a lot easier to plot a course to where you want to go when you know where you are. Let us keep you on top of your bottom line!

I will analyze your finances and develop customized strategies for your business that help you keep more of the money you earn. I will guide you from selecting the right business structure to setting up QuickBooks, to planning advanced tax strategies.

With 40 years of experience I have had the pleasure of meeting so many entrepreneurs.  Each with a unique gift and strength. I have worked with them closely and learned so much about business.  That, with all of my accounting experience has given me a lot of knowledge to share and help new clients on their road to success.  

I believe that we must treat each other as we would want to be treated and therefore treat the clients' businesses as if they were my own. With your success comes our success.

I also believe with the right balance in your business that you should enjoy life as well.  An equal balance between business and personal life.  I always find time to enjoy the fruits of my labor by motorcycle riding,  hanging at the beach with friends, anything pink, and definitely anything that has to do with flamingos!

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